Union Agricole du Pays de la Loire

Created in 1951
2014 figures : A turnover of 310,000,000€, 450 employees

The Cereal and Agricultural Supply Cluster (CAPL), since 1888


  • Marketing supplies for all areas of Loire agriculture (professionals and garden centres)
  • Cereal collection and marketing
  • Turnover: 200 to 230 million euros

The CAPL cluster has developed real expertise and a strong understanding of the different agricultural sectors in the Loire Valley. They are a key player in the field, real seed “jewellers”, who can produce tailor-made seeds to meet their clients’ technical specifications.

The Loire Propriétés Wine and Spirits Cluster, open since 1872


  • Producing and marketing Loire Valley AOC wines
  • Producing and marketing eau-de-vie spirits
  • Locations throughout the Loire Valley
  • 200 to 250 thousand hectolitress
  • Turnover: 45-50 million euros
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