Our people

The Coopératives de Thouarcé Group has set up a series of local management support systems to ensure that everybody we work with feels valued and enjoys their work (through training, annual interviews and information meetings).

The company has also implemented a psycho-social risk prevention policy, helping all of our personnel work in a positive way and know that the company is protecting them.

Our management team is proud of their training programs. They are a high priority and receive a greater investment than industry regulations require, focusing on determination and a positive attitude and available to all employees. Loire Propriétés knows the value of human resources and our future workers. This is why we take on a number of apprentices and interns every year, helping to prepare the future generations who will take the reins of our agricultural industry and help feed the world.
The team is constantly aware of the hazards associated with their work, and every employee is focused on protecting both their own health and that of their colleagues.

To help them remain committed, the Group has set up events and programs to raise awareness (with campaigns such as “health and safety in the workplace is everyone’s business”) as well as investment in safety systems to reduce the risk of accidents.




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